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Whatever or wherever your perfect dream vacation may be, we will make it happen at an affordable price.

We are a Private Club with innovative luxury travel products, delivering top class vacation concierge services to our members anywhere around the world.

We are the number one travel option that will help you make your dreams of a memorable, life-changing experience come true.

With over 25 years of experience in the business, we remain passionately dedicated to meet your needs, fulfilling your dreams and desires. Over the years, we have evolved and have been able to meet the teeming demands from our ever-increasing members using the TraveLuxe optimized platform.

Do you wish to share a memorable vacation experience with friends, family or co-workers?

Offering Luxury Vacation Concierge Services To Our Members


Our Mission

Individualized just for you

We are devoted to offering you the best travel adventures possible by paying great attention to every detail of your request and deliver a personalized service that will guarantee your dreams turn into memorable experiences. We are committed to exceeding the travel expectations of each one of our members.

What TraveLuxe
Can Offer You

Our exclusive platform offers more than 225 low cost, regular and premium airlines to take you to incredible destinations

Experienced Guides

Flexible Cancellation

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Convenience at a touch

The luxury travel market is projected to become the world’s fastest growing travel sector. Technology has made planning trips easier. All the information needed to plan a perfect trip is available online and by using our app!

You can access our online platform using your
mobile device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.