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Last minute Vacations

Share memorable experiences with friends and family with our hassle-free ASAP exclusive vacation opportunities for TraveLuxe members. Do you long for a vacation experience in Bora Bora, Mexican Caribbean beaches or Hawaii at a fraction of the price? Become a TraveLuxe member today and enjoy the ASAP vacation opportunities that await you.

*ASAP Weeks qualify for Club Points
***Club Points is a reward system with no monetary value, apply subject to availability, it can be accumulative and can be used to cover full or partially the indicated amounts and bookings. Restrictions may apply.

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JB Weeks allow you to book and instantly confirm over 350,000 hotels, resorts, villas and condominiums in 150 countries. Book from the best boutique hotels to the most prestigious hotel brands. TraveLuxe members enjoy maximum flexibility with worldwide access at pre-negotiated prices. This gives you between 15% and up to 60% off compared to public prices.
*Includes: Travel Assistance, pre-booking financial option and Club Points.

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