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Over the past twenty-five years we have assisted thousands of families evaluate our membership options, confirming how a TraveLuxe membership can help them fulfill their vacation dreams. Below are answers to questions that may help you better understand and determine how a TraveLuxe Membership will work for you and your family.

FAQ – Members

Frequently asked questions

How can I make a reservation to a TraveLuxe destination and how much time in advance do I need to make the reservation?

By using our site, or app, you can determine the availability and can book as soon as instantly or work with our Concierge and confirm availability to make your reservation in real time.

How can I have access to special rates and promotions exclusive for Members?

Once a member you have 4 ways to access special offers and promotions: 1) Use our app, 2) Log into our Website Members Portal, 3) Check your email for regular updates and special member offers, 4) you can always contact your vacation Concierge for assistance. 

How can I check the balance on my Membership account?

You can log onto the TraveLuxe website at anytime to confirm the balance of different aspects of your membership including; Club Points, Savings you earned, and other details. You can also contact member services at anytime with any membership questions that you may have.

When can I start using my membership?

As soon as you receive the TraveLuxe Information package, with the membership and log in credentials. It usually takes up to 10 business days.

How do you know I'm a member when I make travel arrangements?

We will assign you a set of log in credentials and a Club membership number that will identify you as a member and provide you access to the best discounted guaranteed rates. You will have the option to book through our exclusive website or by connecting with your Private Concierge directly.

How much are my yearly fees and when do I pay them?

TraveLuxe memberships have an annual maintenance / administrative fee of $199.00 USD only. We’re upfront that our Luxury Travel Club has costs to maintain the technology and services we provide to our members and those costs are administrative in nature.

Once your membership term has expired, you will automatically qualify for a discounted membership renewal cost or you may request to apply Club Points accumulated towards renewing for another 5, 7 or 10 Year Term. NO surprises and NO further additional or hidden costs.

FAQ – Non-Members

Frequently asked questions

What is TraveLuxe?

At TraveLuxe customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job.   Our way of working, is that we attach a great deal of importance in humility and honesty; with respect for human values, we promise to serve our Members with integrity. 

The foundation of our approach focuses on a ‘one-on-one’ interaction, forming dedicated relationships with each Member and their committed vacation Concierge.

As a TraveLuxe Member, you will have the option of working closely with  a dedicated vacation Concierge who will build a personalized vacation profile for you and your family.  He or She will learn your likes, dislikes, dream vacation destinations and more. They will use this information to help you make the most of your TraveLuxe membership, recommending the vacations and destinations your family will most enjoy. Your Concierge will make sure that each and every time you and your family vacations with us; your vacation is perfectly planned and will create the memories that you deserve.  The better we understand your vacation desires and goals and what you are expecting from your vacation experiences, the better we can customize each TraveLuxe vacation specifically to your needs.

Contact your Concierge frequently if you wish, OR, use our members online app to plan your next vacation yourself.  By utilizing the wide range of global inventory with the personalized information from your vacation profile, we will be able to provide the best vacation solutions for you, to help you achieve the vacation experiences that you have always dreamed of.

Why should I become a TraveLuxe Member?

Because, due to the potentially high upfront cost, vacation club memberships make the most financial sense in the long term.

How does a TraveLuxe Membership work?

To join, members pay a one-time, non-refundable Membership Fee for a range of products with specified weeks up to unlimited* weeks per year of vacation travel.  There is an annual administrative Membership Fee Each time a member reserves a luxury vacation they pay ONLY for the vacation and NO additional hidden fees or costs. As an example, our “ASAP” weeks offer up to 70% savings for the entire week (7 nights). With a TraveLuxe membership there are no restrictions on holiday weeks or any blackout days. Everything is based upon availability and with literally hundreds of thousands of options available at any time you will be amazed at the limitless possibilities for your vacation scheduling. You will be assigned a vacation Concierge Specialist who will assist you and your family with personalizedVIP services at each and every step of your vacation planning to departure. *unlimited for our agreement is defined by TraveLuxe Inc. as 100 years.

What are the different Membership types?

TraveLuxe offers 3 types of membership packages and 1 exclusive membership offering to groups or organizations (the last type requires direct communication with our consultants) with a custom package and special pricing. The “Vacationer” is our Tier I, entry level package, The “Tourist” is our Tier II and mid range offering and the “Traveler” is our top level membership package; longest term, and with the most product enhancements.

Why is TraveLuxe the best choice for luxury resort vacations?

TraveLuxe is by far the best vacation option for almost every family on almost every vacation budget. Forget purchasing an overpriced timeshare condo or second vacation property; don’t pay the exorbitant costs of trying to fulfill week-long vacations with expensive hotel rooms. The TraveLuxe Membership provides you access to literally hundreds of thousands of Resorts, Condos, Villas and Vacation Weeks located throughout the world at prices that cannot be found anywhere else. All while receiving the best VIP treatment along the way.

What destinations are available for my family and I with TraveLuxe?

TraveLuxe offers an almost limitless number of “luxury travel” resort destinations around the globe. During the past 25 years coordinating luxury resort vacations for our Members, we have had availability options in 350,000 different Resort, Villa and Condo destinations around the globe, in over 150 countries located on all seven continents.

What type of properties will my family stay at with a TraveLuxe vacation?

Our multi-million dollar luxury resort developments, private owned vacation residences and properties have the amenities and accommodations that will make your vacation comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. These are not cramped hotel rooms with only a bed and a bath. These are Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Condos and Villas with options for multiple bedrooms, family rooms, gourmet kitchens and onsite amenities that will make your vacations the most memorable of your life. Each resort offers different amenities and accommodations, so during the booking process your Concierge will assist you by answering every detailed question concerning your booking so that you are assured each vacation experience exceeds your expectations.

Are TraveLuxe vacation destinations good for family vacations?

Absolutely, with the space of the accommodations and the onsite amenities a TraveLuxe vacation makes vacationing with children more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.  Whether you take a traditional summer vacation in a resort property located at a beach destination or nearby amusement park; or an international destination which introduces your children different lifestyle and cultures your Concierge will assist you in planning the perfect family vacation.  Many of the resort destinations have onsite kids programs that will entertain them while allowing mom and dad free time to participate in adult oriented activities.

What are “ASAP Weeks”?

ASAP Weeks” are promotions available for the entire week stay (8 days/7 nights) and offer incredible Member rates highly discounted.  These special rates are for last minute bookings and the price on these promotions often range between $249.00 usd and $630.00 usd for the entire week and all taxes are included.

How many vacations can I book each year?

You may book as many vacations throughout your membership term, at anytime, (during a single year, or consecutive years) using the total number of weeks that are contained in the plan you purchase at the time of enrollment (if limited). For an unlimited membership plan, you may book as many vacations per year and throughout the entire term of the membership that you wish.

Can I book vacations for other people?

All vacations are for you, your immediate family and friends. The confirmation paperwork will be in your name, your spouse’s name, the name of an adult child living in your household, extended family member or a friend for which you have booked a vacation for using your membership.

How does TraveLuxe maintain excellence in accommodations?

Through 20 plus years of experience fulfilling member’s requests, we have established a process to provide all the information necessary when booking your resort vacations.  We conduct research daily of all resorts in our inventory and verify the lowest costs available to OUR members against our competition including online platforms, then we look at the star rating that is given by the different resort exchange companies.  We provide our members with each resorts information, that will allow them to gather information prior to making their final decision.  This way they can see images of the interiors and exteriors, a list of all the onsite amenities and any other pertinent information prior to finalizing their resort vacation reservation.

How do I learn more about TraveLuxe?

To speak with one of our expert membership consultants, please call 844-635-5893 or email us at info@mytraveluxe.ca.

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Policies and Statements

Return & Refund Policy

We support and adhere to the strict conditions of the Consumer Reporting Act. We believe it is important that you understand the following information:

TraveLuxe is not a Time Share, by definition TraveLuxe is:

A vacation club contract offers discount accommodations, sometimes through loyalty points, with a hotel chain.”

The Law (cancellations)

Under the Consumer Protection Act, when you buy a time share or sign up with a vacation club you have a right to:

  • a 10-day cooling-off period, to cancel without any reason
  • end the agreement within 1 year if you do not receive a written copy of the contract
  • end the agreement within 1 year if the contract leaves out information required by the act

These rules only apply if either you or the business is located in Ontario at the time of purchase

TraveLuxe Cancellation & Refund Policy:

During enrolment period, customers have: 

  • Up to 10 days to cancel with a full refund, no questions asked
  • After 10 days, and up to 15 days, 50% refund
  • After 15 days from signing – no refund

Disclosure Statement

TraveLuxe Inc. is a registered Corporation and governed by the laws in Ontario, Canada. TraveLuxe Inc. is a “Marketing Company” and offers its membership and services through ITAD and its operating company Owners Link.

ITAD: Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable (Public Limited Company of Variable Capital) called International Travel Assets Developers, constituted according to the Laws of the Mexican Republic, who is the owner of the industrial and intellectual rights of Owners-Link, as well as of the domain of the Online Platform, including each and every one of the rights derived from the Owners-Link project, and who, therefore, will render the services offered in the Membership.

Marketing Company: TraveLuxe Inc. is authorized to advertise, offer, market and/or transmit under any legal title the Membership. As an essential requirement, the Marketing Company must have the necessary authorizations, permits, licenses and others that may be necessary in order for the advertising, offering, and marketing services of the Memberships to be executed and provided in a normal manner and in accordance with all applicable legal and governmental provisions.